I’ve known Joss Reid as a colleague for many years now through Richardson & Wrench Elizabeth Bay and Potts Point.

He diligently worked his way up from the front desk into leasing then business development and for the last couple of years has been Sales Assistant to us here at team Boon. Geoff Cox and I enjoy working alongside Joss – no least because he’s motivated, polite, patient and willing to play the long game.

Beyond the fact that we both share a love of surfing, his great people skills and willingness to learn have made him a real asset to team Boon and we think he has a bright future ahead.

I sat down and had a chat with Joss about why he chose real estate, how we work together, what he likes about the area and his most memorable sale.

So Joss, did you always want to work in real estate? How did you get into it?

No! To be honest, growing up I never imagined a career in real estate. I had a fondness for sports and health and, as you know I love to surf. So when I finished high school I enrolled in a sports science degree, but it ended up being very different to what I’d envisaged. I switched to a Commerce degree and, while I was completing my studies, I got a property management leasing role at Angus Levitt in Potts Point. I found I really enjoyed it. Richardson & Wrench bought their rent roll 6 months into my time there. I stayed on and, in 2016, I took on a new role in Business Development. From there it was an organic process, I worked my way up the business and the hierarchy, and haven’t looked back!

You joined our team as a Sales Assistant in 2020, but you were part of our R&W Potts Point brand for many years before that. Why did you want to switch to sales and work with team Boon?

I wanted to build on the experience I’d gained in leasing and business development, and try sales to round out my experience. I was lucky to find myself in the right spot at the right time because joining team Boon was a fantastic opportunity. I’ve always admired the way you and Geoff worked together, you’ve got an approach that’s personable, honest and loyal. I like the way you represent yourselves, the company, and the clients you work for and I knew I wanted to emulate that. I could also see the opportunity was there to learn a lot, as you and Geoff have both seen the highs and lows of real estate through your long careers in the industry. I’ve really gained a lot from watching you work and seeing the planning and strategies behind the scenes. I knew you weren’t afraid to do things out of the ordinary that people may not expect to see in real estate. I was also attracted to the genuine team approach which means that our vendors get the power of three agents in one. Collectively we want to do the best for our vendors and clients and we work cohesively as a team.

Are you local to the Eastern Suburbs? What do you like about working in this area?

I grew up around the Northern Beaches but I love working in the Eastern Suburbs. I enjoy the diversity of people, the excellent food scene, and the unique character of the area. Potts Point is truly the Soho of Sydney. It’s a special place. I appreciate the range of architecture here – from the old art deco gems to the modern apartments and the Victorian terraces which hold so much appeal and glamour. People have usually retained the street facade, even if they’ve remodelled internally. And the views are second to none. The position is unbeatable – it’s so convenient to get anywhere or duck down to the beach for a surf. I’ve enjoyed growing to know it over the past decade and I really understand why people gravitate to the area. The area has changed a lot in the time I’ve worked here and is still evolving. I can’t wait to see it change more.

What do you enjoy most about working in real estate?

Firstly, I’m lucky to work in such a great area. My job is to sell a property and I get to look at the amazing properties every day. It could be anything from 1850s houses to brand new apartments. Secondly, I like being with a company that is loyal and treats employees and clients with respect. Day-to-day, I enjoy negotiating with buyers and sellers, and really like the ability to meet clients and marry what they’re looking for with the right lifestyle. Finding them the right property is always fulfilling. It’s an honour that vendors trust me with the sale of their property, and through that, I get to hear their stories and build relationships.

What are the biggest lessons you’ve learnt in real estate?

That all good things take time. You always told me to stay the course – that real estate needed a long-term approach. But you also need to be flexible enough to adapt to changing times. It’s also important to be honest with your clients and tell them what they need to hear, not what they want to hear. I really respect that you and Geoff have this approach.

Have you got a most memorable sale?

Absolutely. It was for some clients I had known since I started out in real estate. They worked hard to gradually buy and own each of three whole-floor apartments in an incredible apartment block, until they eventually owned the whole block. I used to help manage the leasing of these apartments for them and when they decided to sell, team Boon was entrusted to sell the whole block. I was still pretty young, it was a big sale and I was very honoured to sell it alongside you and Geoff.

Great job Joss. Looking forward to many more memorable sales over the coming years.

If you’re interested in buying or selling in Potts Point, contact my team today.

Article by Jason Boon

In a real estate market that is the focus of Australian, and indeed worldwide attention, Jason Boon's results in the Sydney scene make him a highly significant figure within the industry. A long-term specialist in the Potts Point and inner eastern suburbs area, he is uniquely placed to leverage his skills and local knowledge as the area undergoes significant change and diversification. Jason ha…