The Wayside Chapel has a legacy of outreach, compassion and openness that has made it a beacon of hope for many in its rich existence.

For years, the Wayside Chapel has made its mark on the hearts of Potts Point, and its impact has spread across our city as a whole.

Located just off Macleay Street, the main artery of Potts Point, is the Wayside Chapel, an institution of an atypical nature considering the colourful historic reputation of the area.

From humble beginnings in 1964, the Wayside Chapel Potts Point has become a haven for the underprivileged and downfallen who have found shelter and compassion within its close community. Anyone is welcomed through the doors to have a chat and a cuppa, a shower and a meal and get help finding services or housing.

Now, with more than 100 staff members and 700 active volunteers who share the vision of “love over hate” and mission to “break down the barriers of judgement,” the effect of the Wayside Chapel is immeasurable.

Reverend Graham Long: the man who made people his mission

While the local Wayside Chapel may sit in the heart of Potts Point, it’s the dedicated community of people who make up the heart of the Wayside Chapel.

Reverend Graham Long, a member of the Order of Australia, is as iconic as the institution itself. Under Long’s guidance, the hallowed chapel has seen a $8.5 million restoration so it could better support it’s homeless and suffering visitors.

Reverend Long has not only spent countless hours offering counsel and assistance to those in need, but also has penned hundreds of letters to his “inner circle” to connect with the wider community.

After standing at the helm of the chapel as pastor and CEO since 2004, Long will later this year pass on his leadership to Pastor Jon Owen who is set to continue and expand the impactful reach of the chapel.

The many ways you can get involved

Importantly, 85% of the Wayside Chapel’s funding comes from fundraising and donations.

There are numerous ways you can help to continue the wonderful work of the team at the Wayside Chapel:

We’re so glad to support the wonderful work they do in our community.

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